Arya Samaj Marriage West Delhi

Arya Samaj Marriage West Delhi

Arya Samaj Mandir marriage in West Delhi is an extremely religious place to give all marriage related administrations all through India and also all sides of the world. Arya Samaj Mandir marriage is primarily portrayed to Arya Samaj relational unions, court relational unions and love relational unions as indicated by law. In our Arya Samaj Mandir marriage the strategy of solemnizing marriage is basic and exceptionally helpful. In this marriage procedure, you have to give an age endorsement, visa estimate photos and a few witnesses. This marriage system just takes 2 or 3 hours to finish the whole wedding function prepare.

Straightforwardness is the real attributes of Arya Samaj relational unions. In our Arya Samaj Mandir relational unions we give a wide range of wedding administrations in an extremely sheltered and sound climate at an exceptionally ostensible sum. Along these lines with everything taken into account we tend to you satisfaction at any rate by snare or by law breaker.

We provide the all type of arya samaj marriages in West Delhi, West Delhi arya samaj marriage, marriage registration in West Delhi etc.

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Documents Required

Arya Samaj Marriage West Delhi
  • Passport Size Photographs – four each of Marrying Persons.
  • Residential Proof (Voter Card / Passport / Ration Car / Driving License / Bank Passbook / Lease Deed/ Rent Deed) of Marrying Persons.
  • Date of Birth Proof (Municipal Corporation Certificate, X th or XII th Examination Certificate, Passport, PAN Card) of Marrying Persons.
  • If any party is divorcee Certified copy of Decree of Divorce granted by the Court.
  • If any party is widow / widower Death Certificate of the dead spouse.
  • If any party is a Foreign Citizen or holding a foreign Passport or is having foreign residential address
  • Certificate of Present Marital Status of the party / No Impediment Certificate / NOC from concerned Embassy and Valid VISA.
  • Two Witnesses ( Both should be major ).

Search And Book Online Best Arya Samaj Panditji in West Delhi

Arya Samaj Panditji West Delhi- Get to know the convenience of having a knowledgeable Pandit Ji for all your holy ceremonies, such as a havan, marriage, shanti path, mundan, or Sankaran, right in your area. We have devoted our Pandit Ji services to ensuring that your rituals are conducted with precision and devotion, bringing blessings and positivity to your special moments.

Thus, we will connect you with a local Pandit Ji who will make the spiritual and traditional ceremonies seamless and enrich your community experiences. Our experienced network of pandits will ensure that your rituals are performed with accuracy and devotion, creating an atmosphere of auspiciousness and harmony. Trust us to get you in touch with the right Pandit Ji to make those moments divine.

Contact us now for the Vedic wisdom that can bring about transformational life changes, and Arya Samaj Pandit ji West Delhi can begin a journey of spirituality together.

Popular Arya Samaj Services

Arya Samaj Marriage

Getting married? Book a pandit ji in West Delhi to perform your marriage vidhi. Pandits are available for all the ceremonies that precede a wedding, such as Sagai, Haldi, Tilak, Chuda, Janeu, and Sagun ceremonies.

Arya Samaj’s Marriage Methods

There are two types of Hindu marriages that you can choose following Hindu norms. The first one was the Pauranik approach, which was based on Purans. The Traditional Hindu Wedding Ceremony consists of several rituals spanning several days.

  • The Arya Samaj or Vedic Marriage is based on the Vedas and follows Vedic regulations. It is considered among the spiritual forms of marriage accepted to receive God’s blessings.
  • Marriage would be simpler and cheaper. Arya Samaj’s marriage regulations for a wedding like yours.
  • Bring these two Varmalas along. Bring 500 gm of sweets and 2.5m pink/white cloth, fresh flowers, sindoor & mangalsutra on the wedding day.

The Panditji performed rituals for Arya Samaj’s Marriage in West Delhi. The Arya Samaj does not go along with worshiping idols. It is from the Vedas that the whole marriage process arises. A wedding ceremony takes one hour and thirty minutes to be completed. Here are a few popular wedding customs. To learn more about Arya Samaj Marriage Customs, kindly click on our website.

  1. Intro and Swagat (Welcome)
  2. Agaman, Kanya (Arrival of the Bride)
  3. Jai Mala (exchange of garlands)
  4. Madhupak (Offerings)
  5. Kanya Daan (giving the hand of the bride)
  6. Yagna and the Thread Ceremony
  7. Pani Grahan (accepting the hand)
  8. Shila Rohan
  9. Mangal Phera
  10. Saptapadi
  11. Sindoor Daan
  12. Akhand Subhagyavati
  13. Aashirvaad and Shanti Path